Global Overview show OK when connection has failed

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Some recent firewall changes meant SQL Monitor was unable to connect to a couple of our SQL boxes.

The Global Overview page shows @OK' for the server & SQL instance (but no data for CPU & memory) while the Configuration > Monitored servers page shows "Connection failed: Unreachable" for each of these servers.

I've performed most of the tests in http://www.red-gate.com/messageboard/vi ... twork+path

ping & wmi work but the other tests fail. Might be better to make connection problems more explicit on the Global Overview page.




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    Hi Rhys,

    Thanks a lot for your post.

    I agree with you. I have logged this as SRP-2983. We show these connection errors on the machine, SQL Server and database overviews page already. But I guess if you mostly use Global overview then you might miss these connection errors.

    Priya Sinha
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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