All processes are too slow !!!

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I have to say that really I disappointed about the speed of the process even each step : commit, get lastest, undo, show histroy.. All of these steps are so slow. I am using dedicated database development model, means I have my own copy on my computer and one shared copy on the server.

Performance is unacceptable if so. Does anybody has same problem ? What should I check for improve performance ?

Thanks in advance.
Ali Bulut
Senior Database Administrator & Project Manager
[email protected]


  • Hi there,

    Thanks for your post. Can you confirm, were these database committed to your source control system with an EAP of the tool back in May or June and also do you have other folders in the same root directory of that DB, i.e. do you have application code or any static data stored there too?

    Many thanks!

    Peter Peart
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  • Hi Pete;
    We are using SVN (Version 1.6.10). Repository is located my local hard drive and there is no other repositories located in the same place. I am using this tool for testing purposes; I am DBS in the company and reviewing your product because we want to buy this product. So; I will prepare a report and I noticed that; commiting changes (not directly commit but listing chnages for commit) takes a long time (some time 2 mins or more for simple stored procedure edit changes).
    There is no static data in the same root directory of the DB.

    Thanks for your help

    Ali Bulut
    Ali Bulut
    Senior Database Administrator & Project Manager
    [email protected]
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