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SOLVED Can not load Backup Reader dll!

ilyailya Posts: 19
We wrapp the data compare functionality we need in a dll, which will be used our asp.net application.
The dll using SDK is compiled for x86, with recommended options for the pree and post-build events (http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/C ... wledgebase\all_SQL_products\KB200806000268.htm&p=SQL%20Comparison%20SDK).
With the SQL Toolkit 6.0 we had no problems with backup reader dll and the above scenario.
Now with Comparison SDK 8 we have the exception "Cannot load Backup Reader dll!" on the code line:
IList<IBackupSet> backupSets = backupDB.GetBackupSets(files, passwords);
It doesn't help also to compile our asp.net application for x86.

Have you any ideas, how to get off of the exception?


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    Our application (asp.net) doesn't use the Red Gate dlls directly, but a class library, which references the dlls.
    So, we have a reference to the class library (another dll), which has as dependencies the red gate dlls.

    Almost all red gate dlls are being copied to the output directory of the asp.net application during the build process. Only Backup Reader dll not.
    In the project settings I've not found anything to help.

    Here is the solution:
    http://blog.alexyakunin.com/2009/09/mak ... io-to.html.
    After I manually editted the proect file for our asp.net application, all works fine.
    (I have added lines to explicitly copy our 2 missed dlls, not the solution with automatic copy of all the dependencies).
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