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General Network Error with SQL Data Compare v3.4.0.8

FrancisFrancis Posts: 3
edited September 19, 2005 1:14PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
We successfully used SQL Data Compare in demo mode between a local XP Pro desktop, a local windows 2003 server with db, and a remote windows 2000 server with db across the WAN in our domain.

The licensed version on a local windows 2003 server with db and the same remote windows 2000 server gives us the error "General Network Error. Check your network documentation".

We tried "tcp:myhost,1433" for the remote system but the same error occurred.

We tried the SQL Server Client Network Utility and created an alias for the remote server that will force it to use the IP network library which returned a different error message, “SQL Server does not exist or access denied”.

Is there a problem running SQL Data Compare on a windows 2003 server? Any help will be appreciated.


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    The licensed version ran successfully on my XP Pro desktop against the local WS2003 and remote WS2000 systems.
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    Hi Francis

    We had this problem once before and tried may different t things to try and fix it - connection settings, patches, etc.

    However in the end it turned out to be an intermittent fault on the network. it was never tracked down but I feel it was probable a full duplex / half duplex mismatch between a switch and nic.

    If the problem doesn't just go away please have a look at your hardware setup.

    If you are still drawing a blank get in touch with us at support@red-gate.com

    Daniel Handley
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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