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The alert "Log backup overdue" complains that no log backups exists on the system databases!? This is not strange since it's not possible to take log backups of a database in "simple recovery model" I don't see how you can exclude the system database either!? The description of the alert is as follows "This alert will be raised when no entry exists in the [msdb].[dbo].[backupset] system table for a transaction log backup or full database backup, or the most recent transaction log backup or full database backup is older than a time you specify." Checkning the description it looks like this is by design since it checks booth full and translogs backups!!!??

So what can i do to exclude databases running in "simple recovery model"?



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    Thanks for your post.

    'Log backup overdue' alert should only get raised if the model of the database is full or bulk logged. SQL Monitor shouldn't raise this alert if the model is simple. Could you please verify the model of these database where 'Log backup overdue' alert is raised?

    'Log backup overdue' alert checks for both full and log backups. If either is done in last x days (as per configuration) then this alert will end.

    To exclude any database from an particular alert, go to
    1. Configuration > Alert Settings.
    2. Select Machine > SQL Server > Database in the left hand pane.
    3. Select 'Log backup overdue' in right hand pane.
    4. Then use 'Customize settings for this level' option.

    Or alternatively, you can select the 'Log backup overdue' alert in Alert Inbox and open the Actions > Configure. Read this topic for more information http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/Content?p=SQL%20Monitor&c=SQL_Monitor/help/2.1/SM_CustomizingAlerts.htm&toc=SQL_Monitor/help/2.1/toc1340320.htm

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