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Put Join At end of Line

unclebigunsunclebiguns Posts: 23 Silver 1
edited July 29, 2011 10:52AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
In SQLRefactor I had an option to put the JOIN at the end of the line. With SQLPrompt 5 I can't find this option. Is it still there? If not, I'd love to have it added.
Jack Corbett
SQL Server Architect\Developer
MCITP: Database Administration SQL Server 2008


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    Hi Jack,

    With your help, I've traced this to a change in SQL Prompt 3.8 that stopped regarding INNER JOIN as a Boolean operator, because it affected other formatting operations.

    This means that SQL Prompt does not allow use of the "Start new line at Boolean operator > Place operator at end" option to control where INNER JOIN goes.

    If others are missing this functionality then please post here, as we're more likely to address it if lots of users want this changed.

    Paul Stephenson
    Project Manager, Red Gate
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    StephenRStephenR Posts: 3 Bronze 1

    I have just upgraded to SQL prompt 5 and also definitely miss the 'Put JOIN at end of line' option.

    Could I add my vote to have it added back in?


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