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Custom SQL Statement Generator

CraigOttleyCraigOttley Posts: 19
Hope this helps anyone who uses the Generic SQL Statement a lot. It's saving me huge amounts of time when most things are stored in a Database!
	<generator type="RedGate.SQLDataGenerator.Generators.SQL.SQLColumnGenerator" 
	                name="Male First Names" 
	                description="Adam, Brian, Chris etc..." 
	                category="Data Dictionary">
		<property name="ServerName">MSSQLSERVER</property>
		<property name="DatabaseName">AdventureWorks</property>
		<property name="SQLQuery">SELECT  FirstName AS [Male First Names]
FROM    Person.Contact
WHERE   Title = 'Mr.'
GROUP BY FirstName</property>
		<property name="LoopQuery">True</property>
		<matches field="Forename*" score="80"/>
		<type type="string"/>
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