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Please give us back previous keyboard shortcuts

ryanoffordryanofford Posts: 5
edited January 24, 2011 11:43AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
Please let us have CTRL+U back for setting reserved words to uppercase (this shortcut seems to have disappeared) as well as CTRL+B+L for layout. CTRL+K+Y isn't as natural to use and I'm giving serious thought to downgrading to the previous version. I've been used to those shortcuts for years and all it's doing now is annoying me and getting in the way. Same goes for the rest of my team (5 of us).

Also, whilst I'm here moaning, upgrading seemed to remove all of the previous settings we had for layout. A minor grumble but another one nonetheless.


  • Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the missing shortcut.

    We had to make a judgement call: SQL Refactor and SQL Prompt both have similar layout functionality but due to their histories it's assigned to different keyboard shortcuts. As we have lots more SQL Prompt users and we are continuing the SQL Prompt project, we decided to stick with the more familiar Prompt shortcut. We did consider having both shortcuts for the one function but that felt unnatural so we decided against it. Perhaps we should have included the option to pick your preferred shortcut?

    The Uppercase Keywords keystroke will be back in the new year.

    Luke Jefferson
    Product Manager
    Red Gate Software
    Email: [email protected]
  • I have also been caught out today by the disappearance of CTRL+B+L and was disappointed to find the shortcut had changed. I understand the rationale set out above but this having the option to choose would be greatly appreciated :)
  • I'd also like the ability to set the shortcut keys. CTRL-B-L is ingrained in my brain at this point, and it's going to take a good long time to re-train myself.
  • Is there a way to see why the the Control K + Control Y keystroke doesn't work? I wouldn't mind switching from control B + L if I had something else that worked. The only way I can reformat now is to use mouse and go through menus.. :(
  • Hi binarymechanic,

    In what way does Ctrl+K Ctrl+Y not work? Does it just do nothing or is there an error? This is the first time we've had a report like this.

    Paul Stephenson
    Project Manager, Red Gate
  • It does nothing. Well, the control+K portion of the control K + control Y actually turns on the actual execution plan..

    Not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that I am remoting (remote desktop) into my dev box to do this or not, but possibly worth noting.
  • Hi binarymechanic,

    Do you have your keyboard scheme set to "SQL Server 2000"?

    Referring to , it looks like those keyboard settings make Ctrl+K turn on the execution plan. I guess no shortcuts beginning with Ctrl+K will be available under that scheme (just like the others that say "No equivalent" in the table on that page).

    Paul Stephenson
    Project Manager, Red Gate
  • Hi, Paul. Yes, my keyboard scheme is still SQL 2000 (some habits are hard to break). At least by changing this I now have a way to make the shortcut key work. Thank you for your help.

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