Relocating Web Service to DMZ - considerations?

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SQL Monitor successfully up and running with IIS7 and the Base Monitor on the same SQL Box.

With the need to expose the website we need to migrate to the DMZ, to IIS7 again.

NOT being IIS-versant, I need to know what we need to do to transfer the UI responsbilities to the DMZ box without losing anything.

Are there any gotcha's I need to inform our I.T. guy of? Is there a sequence of events I haven't found in the install guide that need to be followed to ensure this is successful?

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give us.
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    Can I just clarify what you would like to do? Are you talking about moving the installation of the SQL Monitor web front end into your DMZ, installing a second web front end in the DMZ, or something else entirely?

    How we did this at Red Gate was to leave the SQL Monitor web site/front end on the internal network, and then publish it externally using an ISA 2007 server which we already had in production in our DMZ for providing Exchange OWA externally. Doing it this way meant that even though we weren't using IIS as the web server on the SQL Monitor box (it was installed with the self contained web server), we could still configure SSL for external connections. Obviously this is only a useful solution if you already have an ISA/Forefront type server, or are prepared to install one.
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    MOVE as in there will be 1 and only 1 Web Service, located in the DMZ.

    We have no clue about ISA servers, sorry.

    Effectively we want to install the web service in the DMZ and lose no license/password/alert configurations - I've already made a load of Alert configuration adjustments. Then uninstall the current web service.

    Is there a straightforward set of steps to achieve this, please?

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    This is the step you will have to follow:

    1. Install the Web Server on the DMZ network.
    2. Open a firewall port (port which you are using to connect from web service to base monitor) from DMZ to your internal network so that web service can connect to base monitor service.

    Since you are not moving your base monitor and all the server which you are monitoring are inside the internal domain hence you shouldn't require any further set up.

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    I like the simplicity :)
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