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Restore GUI does not enumerate databases correctly

HextequeHexteque Posts: 7
edited September 13, 2005 9:14AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I had an emergency the other day where I needed to do a point-in-time restore. In the list on the left I selected the database, clicked restore. I then chose to restore a transaction log and click through the wizard until I reached the 'Select restore options' screen. On this screen it has two drop-downs: instance and database.

The problem is the database dropdown does not enumerate my named databases. Therefore I cannot continue with the wizard because I cannot select a database to restore to. This, in my opinion, has to be a bug because all other drop-downs and screens properly enumerate the databases when the (local) instance is selected.

Please advise!

Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition
SQL Backup
SQL Server Enterprise 8.00.760 (SP3)
Running on the active node of a two node cluster.


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    My guess is that you are trying to restore transaction logs to a database that is not in LOADING or READ-ONLY status. If you want to restore transaction logs, first restore the database from the last full backup, specifying 'leave database nonoperational to restore additional transaction logs'. When you go to restore your set of transaction log backups at that point, then SQL Backup will show the databases that are in LOADING status in the database dropdown so that you can restore the transaction log backups to that database.
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