Source Control & global user-created sp's in master (sp_%)

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The "Setup" page does not allow a link to be created for any system database, including model.

We have many routines in the master database that have been written to be run from within any database and dynamically act on objects within that database's context. For example, we have 500+ databases, many using table partitioning. Several routines generically & dynamically split/merge/truncate/index/rebuild/validate partitions and partition column values for any database.

Like sp_help (which will show object information for the database context from which it is executed), these routines must exist in the master database.

How do we check these routines into Source Control?


  • Unfortunately, I don't believe you can do this right now. We only enable the option on User DBs.

    I'd suggest you visit our UserVoice page for Source Control and suggest the feature - if enough other users vote for it, then we can look at adding it in the future. You'll find the page here
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