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I've been writting down some items as I used SQL Monitor 2 and thought I would share them. Some may be bugs you know while other may be enhancement requests.


When I am on a monitored server overview screen, under the top status bar with the alert alert numbers there is a SQL Server instance section. This section list the SQL name and status and alert number. These number seem correct., but when I click on the SQL instance the top status bar does not have the same numbers.

For instance. from the server overview screen, I had one SQL instance with one alert in the last 24 hours. When I go to the SQL instance screen, I have 0 alerts in the last 24 hours.


From the Global overview screen, The Left tree view section with all the servers are in alphabetical order. But the Right screen is not and you can not sort them by clicking servers. They seem to be sorted the way you added them in the configuration.


Backup Overdue Alert.

A lot of times my backup job might extend past 24 hrs since the last backup because the duration is longer. So to keep an alert from firing, I choose a threshold of two days. That way if one day the job does take longer then the last day, I'm not flooded with alerts.

But what if a new database get created and I do not know about it. It may be two days before an alert get fired.

So I like this style Backup alert threshold:
Severity Start End description
Normal 0 2
High -1 0 (Database {{key}} has never been backed up.)
High 2 (Database {{key}} has not been backed up in the last {{int:value}} days.)

No alert if backups with in 2 days
high alert (Database {{key}} has never been backed up.)
high alert (Database {{key}} has not been backed up in the last {{int:value}} days.)


Database overview

I would like to see a all the databases and a few of it's properties on one web page. I know the database status section is there but I would also like to see list view of all databases with total database size, data size, log size log space used and recovery model with out having to click on each database.

Even if you just add database size to the statue view would help.

Thanks again for the great product....Loving it!


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    Hi Harold

    We'll assess each of these and raise enhancement requests as required to be considered for a future release

    Chris Spencer
    Test Engineer
    Red Gate
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    1) be able to select multiple counters for graphing in the analysis section

    2) more customization of alerts. For example reg exp for backup overdue (to exclude databaes that are not backed up regularly), job duration (to exclude certain jobs)

    3) be able to add your own alerts!

    4) ability to change notification based on severity of alert and time. For example after hours notifications should go to a NOC vs directly to a DBA during business hours.

    5) when you drill into an alert (such as long running queries) don't automatically display perforamnce data. Not needed all the time and make the page load slow. Perhaps add a button to display that type of detailed data if user deems it necessary.
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