Can't profiler COM+ application

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I am new to ANTS Profiler.

My application is written in managed code VB.NET running under MS .NET Framework 1.1. The Business Layer tier is running as a COM+ Application. After initiating the profiler to profile the COM+ Application, I ran my application using the browser as the client. When I select "Take Snapshot", the result I get back is "No .NET methods has been profiled".

Have I miss out a step somewhere? I have read most of the previous threads relating to COM+ but none of them help. Can someone help me?



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    Hopefully I can help with this. Now, it sounds like you've set the COM+ profiling up 100% correctly, so I'd assume it's a 'standard issue' profiling problem -- one of a few things -- such as the project being set up to profile only methods with source code and the PDB file couldn't be located, or the project is not a debug build.

    You may want to ensure that the COM+ application is actually running managed code in the .NET Framework. When ANTS Profiler begins profiling COM+, the status window in the bottom-left reads 'waiting for connection'. Once the COM+ application loads managed code into the runtime, this goes away. If waiting for connection continues in the bottom left, either the COM+ application had not run or there is no .NET managed code inside.

    Hopefully this information helps.
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    I ran the test again but this time modified the "code to profile" property to be "Custom filter". The status message in the bottom left displayed "Read to profile performance of COM+ server application: EQ.SKEL.BusinessLayer".

    After running the application to hit several public methods running under the COM+ application, I took a Snapshot. The results captured my public methods but could not locate the source file to profile individual lines of code.

    The application is built using "Debug" mode and there is a ".PDB" file generated.

    Is there a way to indicate to the Profiler where the source file is?
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    I think that ANTS Profiler has loaded the source code location out of the PDB, but it is possibly incorrect or out of date. You can try rebuilding the entire project. You may also be able to 'fool' profiler by saving the results, then opening the results on their own. I know that if the source code can't be found when opening result sets in ANTS Profiler, it will ask for the location of the source code.

    Hopefully this helps.
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