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Create statement: A duplicate definition was found ..

rleonrleon Posts: 3
edited November 29, 2010 10:27AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

I've looking around for an answer but I couldn't find it. I'm having the following problem:

On one server (srv1) I have an installation of SQL Source Control (with SVN), and in another server (svr2) I have installed SQL Compare. On srv2 I also have a process that triggers the execution of a .bat file every time a change has been committed on srv1. This .bat, calls "sqlcompare" in order to sync a database with the most recent changes in the SVN repository.

When I alter an stored procedure on srv1 and commit changes, SQL Source Control commits it with a CREATE statement instead of an ALTER statement, so when I compare both sources on srv2, a "A duplicate definition was found for the stored procedure" error is raised. The same problem occurs when I compare both sources using the SQL Compare GUI.

Is there any known workaround for this? Can I force sqlcompare to overwrite the procedure?




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    Thanks for your post. This kind of error normally occurs if multiple files within the location you specify for your script folder contain a definition for the object in question.

    What locations are you pointing to? If the comparison folders are a subfolder of the source-controlled ones for instance, you'd encounter this, as we parse the whole folder structure.
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    I'm pointing to the root folder of the SVN repository. I have checked and the stored procedure that it is being reported as duplicate exists only once in the folder structure. The problem is strictly with the CREATE statement, because if I change it for an ALTER statement, SQL Compare compares and syncs the target database. Any ideas?

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    OK, so you are comparing the root of svn with a folder stored somewhere else? I'll need to try and replicate this here.

    In the meantime, could you increase logging and mail the file over to us? To increase logging, right-click the SQL Compare main window title-bar, and choose "Minimum Log level", then "Verbose".
    Re-start the program, then preoduce the error. Now right click again, locate the latest log, and mail it to support@red-gate.com with F0041796 in the subject line.

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