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VSS and SQL Compare

hortoristichortoristic Posts: 2
edited September 8, 2005 12:35PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
SQL Compare rocks for keeping our DB in sync as we move up from dev to test to pre-prod and finally production.

Now the developers aren't keeping VSS in Sync - is there an easy way to compare VSS with our Dev environment?

As far as I can tell - Getting all the Objects from VSS and loading them into a temp DB ans using SQL Compare works well - but is time consuming. Any better ways?


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    Sorry for the delay in answering. SQL Compare doesn't integrate particularly well with source control solutions. The best idea I can come up with is to simply keep the SQL Compare database snapshots in the source control system. This keeps you up to date not only with singular objects in the database, but any objects that they depend on as well. But then you have to worry about tying yourself to the .snp format and how you would go about checking the snapshots in and out as well.
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