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Open Generator Project when no database exists

dan67890dan67890 Posts: 21
I can't open a generator project if the database it was built for doesn't exist or isn't accessable. I would like to be able to point a generator project at different databases.

My workaround is to create an empty database with the name that is in the project, then change the name of the database in the project, then drop the empty one I created to get things started.

Is there an easier way to do this? Why does the database have to exist to open a generator project?



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    Thanks for your post. This problem occurs because when you open a project, SDG will refresh the schema from the database. There isn't an option to disable this that I know of.

    One possible workaround is that the project files are basically just XML. So you could open it up in Notepad (or a nicer editor if you have one) and amend the database name. It should then refresh the schema of the new DB you're referencing when you open the file.
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