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How to manually activate?

benlaanbenlaan Posts: 2
As per a previous issue about licencing, I had the same error with VS2010 so I have resorted to doing a manual activation.

I am able to do as the readme says, and run the MachineHashUtility with all required params.

If I don't supply the responsefile argument, it seems to do nothing (it does take a few seconds so I assume the web service is being accessed). If I do supply the argument, is tells me to manually activate on the web site, create a file with the correct name, and then press a key.. When I do this, after saving the file and hitting a key, nothing happens!

What is supposed to occur at this point? How does this affect my assembly? What is the next step? The readme doesn't say, and I don't see any change to anything..

Any ideas?

Ben Laan
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