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Is there any chance that ANTS profiler will be able to narrow the scope of restarting web applications to the appropriate appPool as opposed to the entire IIS service? Currently debugging an ASP.NET application in IIS6 can be scoped to the app pool, meaning several developers can simultaneously use the same server for debugging. Seems a shame that in order to profile the same applications we have to go back to the dark ages of hogging IIS via stops and restarts.

otherwise a great product.



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    Hello there,

    That's something that we're definitely looking into. ANTS Profiler doesn't seem to be too savvy with Application Pools and depends on the availability of the DefualtAppPool. It still uses the 'old way' of connecting to IIS6 in that it logs in with information from the processModel of Machine.Config. This makes it understandably difficult to profile applications on IIS6 servers that use the Application Pool security to access databases and the like.
  • That is great news. Thanks heaps.
  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Sorry, I've discovered that in the case of IIS 6, ANTS Profiler is starting the application pool using the ANTS Profiler Service, so the application pool will run as the same user that the service is configured to log in as. Changing this from LocalSystem to a named user will allow you to implement application pool security in ANTS Profiler.
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