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Slow Sync as compared to Red-Gate App

jimmypoohjimmypooh Posts: 12
I've been comparing the performance of my app verses the SQL Comparison App. My app seems to be taking 3 times longer and I can't figure out why. Here are my options:
private EngineDataCompareOptions _options = new EngineDataCompareOptions(MappingOptions.Default ^ MappingOptions.IncludeTimestamps, ComparisonOptions.None,
                                                SqlOptions.DisableKeys | SqlOptions.DisableTriggers | SqlOptions.DropConstraintsAndIndexes | SqlOptions.OutputComments);

sessionSettings = sessionSettings ^ SessionSettings.IncludeIdenticalRecords;

Are there any other settings I can use to speed things up? Thanks! I was also hoping there was a way to speed things up by comparing outside of the same session so I can show user the compare results then they can sync without it having to compare again before sync.

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