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Does the Base Monitor need to use the same credentials to update the RedGateMonitor DB and monitor the servers?

I initially set it up with my ID which has access to both. Now I changed the monitor service to run under another ID, do I have to give that ID access to the RedGateMonitor DB? I would rather use a SQL ID instead but not sure if it can be configured this way.



  • We've tried to design SQL Monitor to give users as much flexibility as possible over which credentials they use. So you're free to choose what best suits you.

    The base monitor service account needs to be a member of the db_owner database role on the RedGateMonitor database.

    The credentials for the monitored servers can be specified as they are being added to the system, or edited later by selecting the relevant line on the Monitored Servers page and selecting Edit Credentials from the drop-down on the right hand side of the page.

    More details of the various permissions required can be found on the online help page ... 269935.htm

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