Not seeing the compression I would expect

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I currently own SQL Backup Professional 6 and normally see a compression size of a 72GB database (52G mdf, 20GB ldf) to 29GB. Most of the compression comes from the empty space.

When I installed the Storage product and restore the SQB backup file to an mdfx and ldfx, I ended of with a 42GB total file size (ldfx was 128mb). Most of compress appears again that it's mostly due the fact that mdf has about 6GB of free space and most (if not all) of 20GB ldf is also free space. At the end of the days that means I'm only realizing 4-6GB of actual compression.

Why am I not seeing more compression from the product similar to 29GB size of the SQB file?
Dan V, P20 Global


  • Hi Danv,

    I don't quite get where you're numbers are coming from - could you clarify for me?

    Original Backup File - 29GB
    ldfx - 128MB
    mdfx - ??MB <- should be about the same as ldfx

    (If you have other ldfx/ndfx/mdfx files for this DB, please include those)

    Is your mdfx ending up 42GB big? Where are you getting that number from?

    Are you restoring your backup to a more recent version of SQL Server? When 'upgrading' a database like that, there end up being a lot of writes, which results in the 'upgraded' database being quite large when using SVR.
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