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Disable SQL Prompt on certain databases

jiffypopjrjiffypopjr Posts: 4
edited November 29, 2010 11:54AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
In previous versions of SQL Prompt, I could tell it to ignore certain databases for generating intellisense. Is there a way to do this in version 4? We have a couple of databases that are causing issues with the product when it attempts to load the schemas.


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    Unfortunately, this feature was omitted from SQL Prompt v 4.x. It is logged as a feature request with reference SP-1207 and will be considered for a future release of SQL Prompt. I am afraid it didn't make it into the version 5.0 release due out very soon but I have added your comments and ticket reference to the issue and will be informed if/when the status of this changes.
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    Not good to know. I just migrate from version 3 to version 4.
    I had a lot of servers/databases flags for ignore. It's specially important while connecting to SAP databases (about 87,000 tables/views). On my initial tests, query analyzer consumed about 800MB of ram.

    Let's see how it will work after some days connecting/disconnecting from a farm os servers.

    My vote to recover this feature for version 5.


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