Bug: Commit Role Changes to TFS Using RunAs

kbriankelleykbriankelley Columbia, SC Posts: 6 Bronze 2
SQL Server Management Studio 2008 (10.0.4000.0)
Red Gate Source Control

Started SSMS as another using via RunAs. Get the following error when attempting to commit Role changes to TFS. Fails on the Scripting database changes step with the following error:

Do not have permissions to modify the file C:\Documents and Settings\<runas user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Red Gate\SQL Source Control 1\WorkingBases\cficich2.a1w\Security\Roles\APS_Support.sql. Note that no files have been altered.

Permissions have been verified. Both user account used for RunAs and the currently logged on user have inherited permissions (Full Control) all the way to the file (verified). In fact, Source Control is able to create the initial script file. This does not happen with other database objects (tables, stored procedures, etc.).
K. Brian Kelley


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