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Just not there yet, IMO

PeeksPeeks Posts: 5
Hi RG team.

finally had a chance to play with this product, v

It's good for really really simplistic data schema's. We've got schema's that are a fraction more complex (to pretty complex) and it's really hard getting usable data in.

Here's some scenario's which we want to do.

1. Abstract Parent Table.
2. A few children tables.


Parent -> Animal
Children -> Cat / Dog / Fish (and each one of these has their own unique meta data).

So we would love to insert 3000 rows into the Animals table.
then the first 1-1000 into Cat. 1001->2000 into Dog and 2001->3000 into Fish.

Secondly, we would also love to have some fixed data. Eg. the first 10 rows are some specific data, with the rest being random. Would be great to use the PREVIEW window to enter this data and the rest are auto-gen'd. Of course, we can run our own update script afterwards to get this, but u get the idea...

Provide, out of the box, some huge Latin list of words which can be used to generate random Latin sentences. This could also include a min/max length per sentence.

Good initial product though ... but just not that useable just yet, for us.


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