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Snippet and special charaters

rcraillrcraill Posts: 2
edited November 5, 2010 7:04AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
when i try enter a snippet it leaves out and shift charaters ie *(). Is there a special way to capture these.
eg select * from Bidtable where substring(company,1,7)= 'chas ev' order by company
if you test you get
select * from Bidtable where substringcompany,1,7= 'chas ev' order by company

Missing ()


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    Thanks for your post. I tried creating a snippet based on what you posted, but the brackets work ok for me and appear.

    Can I check - what version of SSMS are you using? And if you haven't already, can you try the latest patch? (look for the "Latest cumulative patch" post in the forum)
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