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Related primary Keys the way I want

omacallomacall Posts: 2
Hello. I was trying out your awesome Product to generate data .

and I think is great,

after doing my homework and reading how to generate customized data for my applications, I still have the following questions

1- How to generate the relational Foreign key, for example in a Invoice table, if I want to generate the FK Customer ID to be 1 for 10 Invoices, the options I have only generate random keys or all fixed. but how can I do the sets of 10 s.

2- if I need to change the integers vales that are generated to a more realistic value of only positive number from 1 to 2000 lets say. but not having to go into each field to set the value (winch is crazy when many tables are involved) just do it globally for all integers.

3-is there a way to tweak the global settings a bit more instead of having to set each individual value for each field one by one.

RedGate does it again.. great performance with a marvelous product. I am telling all my friends about it

BTW: these are the same files that are included with the product right ?


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    Thank you for your post.

    1. When you are generating data for a Foreign Key, look under Population Method, where you can select "Repeat key values between X and Y times". Here you can select any number between 1 and 100. So in you case select between 10 and 10 times.

    2. Unfortunately there currently isn't a way to apply settings to all of a particular type of column. I have raised a Feature Request (SDG-917) to include this type of functionality in a future version.

    3. Again this isn't possible. This may also be included in a future version of the tool.

    (If you are refering to the Help files, then yes these are the same. However, there are more resources available on the webpage)
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