REFUSES to compare based on my CUSTOM KEY settings

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I repeatedly set custom keys for comparison of the SAME table across the SAME database across 2 instances, both SS2005. I set the custom comparison key and EVERY TIME I run "Compare Now" DC tells me it cannot compare as the comparison keys are not set! LIES! They are set, and saved, and set, and saved... need I go on...

This happens to be an important audit table, of a mere 7 columns, the int real PK plus the 2 Audit columns, datetime and an IDENTITY int, are the three custom key columns and the other 4 simply match on name - witnessed by opening the "columns in comparison" for the table just to make sure I'm not losing it entirely. I "Save". I "Compare Now". I get frustrated because the tool says I don't have mapping - WHAT?

Every other table (over 30 of them) in the "audit" database compares using the same principle, and they ALL, without exception, map just fine using the real PK plus the 2 audit columns, and they compare just fine, too.

Please fix this or tell me where a hidden-away setting or remnant of another .sdc file could be - I Edited an existing .sdc and "Save As..." to create this project. As there are NO PK's actually defined to any of the over 30 tables, I have to map them all by hand, so please, if at all possible, don't advise me to "scrap the project and start over" :evil:

BTW: I inherited this steaming pile four weeks ago - would NOT have designed the DB this way in my worst dreams, so please don't anyone comment on "why is it defined this way?" :cry:
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  • Well, it's *possible* it's the project file; there have been issues in the past with these, especially ones where they originated in an earlier version.

    I guess the quick test of this, is can you try a new comparison but just worry about the table in question? Does saving the settings for it to a *new* project file work ok (i.e. they are remembered when you next load it?)

    If so, then it does sound like there is something in the current file that's causing the problem.

    If it still won't work, then there must be something else going wrong; we've opened a support ticket for you if you want to get in touch directly - just mail in with F0040785 in the subject line.
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    Update 1: I've only had the latest version installed on the box - purchased four weeks ago, so it isn't a residual artifact from an older version.

    Will attempt the "only concerned about this table" suggestion.
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    Generating a sdc project file for the table concerned, then using XML Notepad 2007 to make the faulty sdc file look like the kosher one works fine. Glad RG chose to use straight XML project files. :D

    Consider this a closed ticket, please.
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