Results of execution logged?

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I have packaged exe's that upgrade customer databases. The exe will run automatically if a customer chooses to update their system. customers are free to run them as they see fit. My question: Are the results of running the .exe logged anywhere on the machine where the exe is run?
Or are these results something I will need to capture myself?


  • If you're running the .exe from the command line, you can redirect what would be the console output to a file. i.e.

    SQLPackager.exe >> E:\output.txt
  • So the answer is no. I already know how to capture the results myself, but wanted to avoid the extra development time. An error log could be very usefull considering that a package that fails while altering database objects, leaves your database stuck in the middle. Or if the package could run the remaining batches. Its a huge mess to unfold in the event that a package like the ones I create fails.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    If a package fails, it will roll back to the start of the transaction, so it shouldn't leave your database in an inconsistent state. However, if the schema update succeeds but the data update fails, then it will only roll back to the start of the date update.

    If you want the package to continue to execute when an error is encountered, then there are options you can set.

    for the schema, set the schema option:
    Do Not use transactions in synchronization script

    for the data, use the data option:

    However, this could lead to your database being left in an inconsistent state.
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