"Record Script" not working on Windows Server 2003

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We are trying to load test our web app using ANTS Load on Windows Server 2003. I brought over a project (and script) that I recorded on a Windows XP box and unsuccessfully tried running it on a Windows Server 2003 box. I kept receiving our "Object Moved" error page... might be a problem on our end? I still need to debug...

So, I decided to try a different route. I attempted to record a script on the Windows Server 2003 box, but all I received was Internet Explorer's default "The page cannot be displayed / Cannot find server" error page when I tried to type in ANY url.

I decided to first disable "Internet Explorer Security Enhancements" thinking maybe it was interferring with ANTS being able to record the web browser, but that wasn't the culprit.

Has anybody had experience with using ANTS Load on a Windows Server 2003 box? Were you able to record scripts? And the most important question... How do I get ANTS Load to work on my Windows Server 2003 box?

Thank you for your time,
-Shamus J Daily


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    Hello Shamus,

    I can say for certain that the problem is not caused by Windows 2003. I use ANTS against Windows 2003 daily. A few things to be mindful, though: ANTS Load doesn't support Windows Authentication. I would imagine that by default this is probably on in Windows 2003.

    I can also imagine that the 'object moved' message is telling you that you are running a site that requires SSL (https://) and you have accessed the URL using [url=HTTP://]HTTP://[/url]. If you need to make SSL requests, this no problem at all for ANTS Load, but you will need to make sure that you do request the https:// url in the first place if you need to test an SSL site.
  • Thanks for the response...

    My company just purchased ANTS Load Professional Edition with 12 months support & upgrades. I feel that our troubleshooting process might be expedited by a phone conversation. We are located in Seattle, WA while you are in England(?), so... when would be a good time for us to speak? I called and left a message with your answering service regarding these issues today (08/31/2005).

    Thanks again,

    Shamus J Daily
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    Can you do us a favour, then?

    Since the forums are currently anonymous, we do not know who is posting and you will not get the level of service you would expect. If you need us to contact you, please send an email to [email protected] with your request and the support will be expedited appropriately.

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