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SQL Compare + Virtual PC Login

juanlocojuanloco Posts: 2
edited October 20, 2010 2:45PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
is there any way to log into a sql server with Windows Authentication from a virtual pc that is not part of a network. redgate software is not on our "approved list" of software where i work (usgov). we have a sort of blanket waiver to run unapproved software as approved by a supervisor in a virtual instance using microsoft virtual pc. this is currently my only option. this is not a problem in most situations, as i am usually prompted for and can provide network credentials in the following format (domain\username). when selecting Windows Authentication from the project window there is no way to provide this type of information. due to strict federal security certification and accreditation constraints, SQL Server Authentication is not an option. is there any type of workaround or solution that will allow me to operate in a virtual environment?
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