Problems with serial no when installing SQL Refactor

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edited October 14, 2010 3:22AM in SQL Refactor Previous Versions
I have a SQL Comparassion bundle including SQL refactor (WinXP).

I have problems with SQL Refactor ( ... 0608#40608). Due to the problem (mainly that SQL Management Studio takes 5-15 minutes to start) I uninstalled SQL Refactor (which solved the problem).

Now, however I like to reinstall it (since it has so good functionality) and live with the problem. When I try to install the product using the exe from the Comparassion Bundle - it works fine. When I start SQL refactor (in management studio) it wants me to enter a serial number (it sys my trial period has expired) - so I enter my serial number (SQL Comparassion Bundle serial) - but it says its not a correct one.

Any ideas?
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