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I have been testing Virtual Restore times and in my environment, performing a full restore from a SQLBackup 6 .sqb file take about 60 minutes. I have made several attempts to do a virtual restore on the same SQB file and they run for about 180+ minutes each time.

I did the install of the hyperbac components with a recent download and it appears to be version on them and I am running Windows 2003 Server 64bit and SQL Server 2008 Enterprise edition.

The SQB file is about 100GB and was perfomed with SQLBackup using 2 threads. I restores successfully from SQLBackup up to a 500GB database.

Is there anything obvious I am missing? I basically ran the Virtual Restore wizard and then copied the script and ran that from a query window (it is restoring all the files to .vmdf/.vndf files).

Is this expected behavior? I would have assumed that VirtualRestore would make the DB available faster than running a full resotre with SQLBackup.

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    I believe that my colleague, Jeff Aven, has already contacted you regarding this problem outside of this forum.

    Do you require any further assistance?

    Many Thanks
    Eddie Davis
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  • Could the details of this issue be posted, as I believe I'm having a similar issue.

    On a large sql backup DB the virtual restores just continue indefinitely.

    The restore is in two parts.
    First the full backup is restored and left ready for the differential restore.
    This seems to happen although a bit slower than a normal restore.
    However the differential restore does not complete even if left running for several days.
  • I too am attempting a large restore for evaluating purposes. My scenario is across the network as I want to eventually schedule DBCC processes on all our production servers once a week from a central location.

    I found adding the "STATS=10" to the restore script helped me track the progress. I think you can use lower (%) to track tighter.

    The process seems disk heavy at the source, so I may just pull the .sqb file locally to faster disks first.
  • What is the average restore/mount time for a uncompressed 1GB SQL backup file using SVS? I'm restoring a 68GB uncompressed .sqb file which has been running for over 4 hours now and is roughly 75% complete. The data files are also at 21GB and still growing... Is this normal?

    Server spec
    HP DL 585 G3, 4 CPUs, 16GB RAM, SQL 2008 R2 64-bit

    SQL Virtual Restore
  • So what is the scoop on this?

    I'm just having the same issue with slow restores on a 40GB SQL Backup 6 SQB file (1 stream, compression level=1). At the current rate of restore it will take >200 minutes to complete!!!

    I'm running the latest version of the SQL virtual Restore (downloaded it 2 weeks ago from the Red-Gate website).

    I've found other old threads here alluding to slow virtual restore issues with no indication that the slowness issue has ever been resolved.

    Can someone from Red Gate update shed some light on this?
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