SQL Refactor for Delete and/or move Suggestion

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I came across an issue today where I needed to move 2 columns from table A to table B.

I assumed SQL Refactor would at least have a "Smart Delete" function that would find all references and either notify me or remove them from those objects. I was disappointed when it wasn't there. I think this would be a nice addition.

It would have been even better for me to have been able to do a "Smart Move" where I could select the table I want to move the columns to. This isn't a "Split Table" as the other table already exists.
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  • Regarding 'smart delete', although we don't have this feature, we've got SQL Search, which is a free tool that will allow you to identify references in your databases.

    In the upcoming release of SQL Prompt 5, we will have a 'find invalid objects' feature which will identify those objects that reference objects that have since been deleted or renamed. This should help you to clean your database once objects have been removed.

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