Exception not caught and stacktrace undecodeable

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I have two rather strange bugs here which I simply cant trace down.
First, because the stacktrace doesnt decode to anything useful, seems like its actually happening inside obfuscated SA code because the decoded stacktrace itself contains obfuscated calls seemingly outside our code.
Second, the exception thrown is in one case not throwable from anywhere in out code ( FormatException complaining about invalid Base64 chars ) and in the other case its explicitly catched yet is thrown and catched upwards only (IndexOutOfRangeException).

And, one of the bugs (FormatException) happens only when I use a debug executable with obfuscated release mode libraries. The other happens only in release/obfuscated mode.

I do have the slight feeling this might be an SA bug.

Any idea where to start searching? I can send the decoded stacktrace, maybe it decodes for you to something useful.


  • Just off the top of my head- I am wondering if part of the stack trace is from an (obfuscated) third party assembly? Is that possible?

    Can you include an image of the exception report?
  • Definitely no 3rd party assemblies involved.

    Here is the (for me) undecodeable stack trace:
    System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
       at #0o.#1o.#2o(Int32 )
       at (Int32 )
       at Uniwares.Net.Dns.Message.DomainUtils.DecodeDomain(Byte[] data, UInt16 start, UInt16& length)

    DecodeDomain is wrapped in a try/catch(IndexOutOfRangeException) yet... you see. The #0o.#1o.#2o(Int32 ) is no longer inside our code.
  • Which obfuscation mode are you using? (Is the decoding done using the direct stack decoding feature or through the exception reporting feature)? I think there are some issues with full decoding through the exception reporting feature but have not yet heard of any when using ASCII renaming.
  • Direct stack decoding with ASCII renaming, report comes from a log file.
  • Any chance we can try and reproduce here with a sample project? As I say, no known issues with ASCII decoding.
  • I am a bit short on time but will try to setup a sample project and send it over. Might take some days though.
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