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is there a problem in source control for stored procedures if the developers in a team-based environment use DROP PROC and then CREATE PROC to make their changes in a stored procedure instead of using ALTER PROC ?

I am wondering if the source control service is smart enough to do a text difference and detect exactly which part of a procedure text was changed, and display that to the developer when he is ready to commit the changes and write a comment in the comment textfield.


  • SQL Source Control will do a textual comparison of the stored procedure as it is stored in the database. This stores all the text (including comments) in the batch that contained the stored procedure when it was created or altered, and will therefore exclude the DROP from consideration.

    So SQL Source Control should behave as you expect.

    Why not try it out for youself?

    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    Red Gate Software
    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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