Problems with case sensitivity varchar comparisons

david.duffettdavid.duffett Posts: 30
edited September 17, 2010 10:47AM in SQL Data Compare Previous Versions
For a while now the scripts that have been generated comparing data between my dev and test databases have always included the following:

-- Drop constraints from [dbo].[tbTask_Class_Setting]
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[tbTask_Class_Setting] DROP CONSTRAINT [FK_tbTask_Class_Setting_tbTask_Class]

-- Update row in [dbo].[tbTask_Class_Setting]

-- Add constraints to [dbo].[tbTask_Class_Setting]
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[tbTask_Class_Setting] ADD CONSTRAINT [FK_tbTask_Class_Setting_tbTask_Class] FOREIGN KEY ([task_class_id]) REFERENCES [dbo].[tbTask_Class] ([task_class_id]) ON DELETE CASCADE

Notice that there is no statement under the "-- Update row" comment?

Running the comparison in the SQL Data Compare application shows that there is a varchar field where the value is the same except for the letter casing. It seems SQL Data Compare picks this up as a change, but then fails to script the actual update!


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