I'm currently trying to map a rather complex DB

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I have used the mapping software via your demo on the site. After watching the tutorial I went through the processes of the video. It is showing me the main table and nothing but stored procedures. I would like to see a relational db is there a way to show the main table with all the tables that are related to the main table. Also another question would be is there a way to look at a field and then see what table it is related too?


  • Hi there,

    Can you please confirm which version of SQL Dependency Tracker you are using? If it is not the latest patched version, can you please try using that and let me know how you get on? The patched version is available from the below link:

    http://www.red-gate.com/MessageBoard/vi ... hp?t=10006

    With regards to field dependencies, this isn't something that is available within the tool however we are going to be introducing column level dependencies with the next version of our SQL Prompt tool, version 5 so you may wish to take a look at the EAP for that which is also on these forums.


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