SQLBkup 32 - Batch convert .sqb files to .mtf (.BAK) files

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edited August 17, 2005 1:34PM in Knowledge Base
The current version of the file converter that ships with SQL Backup to convert .sqb backup files back to native Microsoft Tape Format (MTF) files so that they can be restored by SQL Server Enterprise Manager or Query Analyzer does not support wildcards.

This means that you cannot convert a batch of SQL Backup files to MTF using the SQB2MTF.exe utility. You may work around this, however, by using the MS-DOS FOR command. To convert many SQL Backup files to MTF, you can use the FOR command and substitution variables to operate on a group of files.

You can do this by opening a command prompt and running a command similar to this:
CD e:\sqlbackup
E:\SQLBackup>for %i in (e:\sqlbackup\*.sqb) do "C:\program files\red gate\sql backup\sqb2mtf.exe" "e:\sqlbackup\%i" "e:\sqlbackup\%i.mtf"
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