edited August 31, 2010 4:15AM in SmartAssembly 5
Does SmartAssembly generate any logging information? I am unable to find a log file, or see anything in the Windows eventlog.

I am trying to diagnose a problem whereby some projects don't write their builds to the database or generate obfuscation maps, and the message shown in the UI after building doesn't give any clues.


  • Just a quick check- are you selecting the "Mark as Released!" option for these project builds?
  • No, I am not marking either the project that is being logged to the database or the projects that aren't as released builds. I am currently just using the UI to perform the build.

    It might be worth noting that I initially installed SA as a trial and modified the SA settings file to use a different database connection string. I then created the project that is currently working and built that a few times. I then activated my SA licence and tried creating some new projects but these are not being added to the 'Projects' table of the database and builds are not being placed in the 'Builds' table. I can however still build the original working project fine and see entries going into the 'Builds' table for that project.
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