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ERASEFILES=1, by hours, by date?

joshmurrahjoshmurrah Posts: 24
edited August 16, 2005 10:39PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
How does ERASEFILES=1 calculate what can be removed?

I'm evaluating this software, and it seems that it's keeping any backups that are less than two calendar days old with this logic... for example, backups that were made yesterday in the AM are still there after a backup is complete this afternoon. So looks like with this option set to 1, I would always have two backups, yesterday's and today's, which isn't what I want for space reasons.

Thanks for any response,
-Josh Murrah


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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    The calculation is done by comparing the timestamp of the existing SQL Backup files in the same folder as the current backup, and deleting those files that are x days older. This comparison is done at the end of the backup, or at the beginning if ERASEFILES_ATSTART is used.

    A bug in the logic is that the comparison to the existing files is made via reference to the GMT timestamp of these files, instead of the local timestamp. You can obtain a patch for this from support.

    In the next version, these two options will accept parameters in hours, in addition to days.
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