Could not load file or assembly error on Merged Assembly

MidSilenceMidSilence Posts: 7
edited August 31, 2010 7:51AM in SmartAssembly 5

I've been used SA 4 with some plugin architeture with success but now using SA 5 I've got a "Could not load file or assembly" error.

The plugin dll (ie PlugIn.dll) exports an interfaced object (Obj1) that is called by main host exe (host.exe). Obj1 class is created using another classes referenced in plugin utils (PlugIn.Utils.dll). The SA project for PlugIn.dll uses the Merging feature to merge PlugIn.Utils.dll dependency into the resulting obfuscated dll assembly.

After loading resulting obfuscated PlugIn.dll on Host.exe, I made the call for Obj1 and get the results. In SA 4 the call works perfect but in SA 5 the Host.exe can't find the merged PlugIn.Utils.dll. The Stack shows me that the error occurs when Obj1 needs to find an Attribute class referenced on merged PlugIn.Utils.dll (at System.Reflection.RuntimeFieldInfo.GetCustomAttributes method).

Any ideas how to solve this?



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