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Hi, I originally posted this in the SQL Compare forum, it actually occurred when I was using the toolkit.

I am trying to syncronize 2 databases using a snapshot from one database and comparing against another. The compare works fine but I'm failing on the ExecuteBlock statement with an error:

An unhandled exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' occurred in microsoft.visualbasic.dll

Additional information: Argument 'Prompt' cannot be converted to type 'String'.

I am using .net Framework 1.1 and SQL Server 2000

Here is my code:

Sub SynchronizeDatabases()

Dim db1 As Database = New Database()
Dim db2 As Database = New Database()

db1.Register(New ConnectionProperties("KROCK-LAPTOP\RESOURCETRACKING", "RT1", "x", "x"), Options.Default)

Dim differences As Differences = db1.CompareWith(db2, Options.Default)

Dim difference As Difference

For Each difference In differences
difference.Selected = True

Dim work As Work = New Work()

work.BuildFromDifferences(differences, Options.Default, True)


Dim message As Message

For Each message In work.Messages


For Each message In work.Warnings

Dim block As ExecutionBlock = work.ExecutionBlock

Console.WriteLine("SQL to synchronize:")


'run the SQL
Dim utils As Utils = New Utils

utils.ExecuteBlock(block, "KROCK-LAPTOP\RESOURCETRACKING", "RT1", false, "x", "x")
Catch sqlexc As SqlClient.SqlException
Catch exc As Exception
End Try

End Sub

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Ken Roxbury
IS Systems Inc, NY


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    Hello Ken,

    I don't think that this is actually being caused by the posted code. Maybe it's somewhere in the project properties or somewhere else in your code? Somewhere, this program is being given a command-line argument and this argument is not being accepted for some reason.
  • As far as I can see there is no other code running. The project I am using is SQLCompareCodeSnipits which was installed in the VB folder. Except for the SynchronizeDatabases() method everything else is commented out.
  • I got this to work. I changed the Options on the CompareWith method from using the default to only using the options that I use when I run The SQLCompare application to comapre 2 databases. When I did this it work fine.

    FYI, the options I set were:
    db1.CompareWith(db2, Options.IgnoreFillFactor Or Options.IgnoreWhiteSpace Or Options.IncludeDependencies Or Options.IgnoreFileGroups)

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