SQL Storage Compress 5.0 has been released

Formerly available under the name HyperBac Online from www.hyperbac.com, SQL Storage Compress is now available for download as a standalone tool on www.red-gate.com in version 5.0.

Changes in the 5.0 release:

- SQL Storage Compress is now available as a standalone tool to trial and purchase. Formerly known as HyperBac Online in versions 4.xx and earlier, it was previously available as an optional functionality module to purchase with HyperBac for SQL Server 4.xx and earlier, now renamed as SQL HyperBac.
- Support for multiple backup types: SQL Storage Compress supports full, differential and transaction log backups created with native SQL Server, SQL HyperBac and SQL Backup Pro (version 6.xx).
- SQL Storage Compress 5.0 includes performance improvements over versions 4.xx and earlier.
- New Support documentation, available on www.red-gate.com/support.
- New name, logo and visual identity.

Find out more or contact us:

Read more about SQL Storage Compress 5.0 and its key features.

Report any issues and raise questions on the support forum or email us: [email protected]. We will be very happy to help.

Note for HyperBac Online customers using versions 4.x and earlier

If you own a license of HyperBac Online 4.xx or earlier, you can download the latest version by logging in to your customer account on www.hyperbac.com or by downloading a trial from www.red-gate.com/sqlstoragecompress and activating the license.

Please note that HyperBac Online customers using version 4.xx and earlier will need to contact Red Gate for a new serial key to activate a version 5 license. This is due to licensing changes made in the new build.

For a new serial key, please contact us:

By phone

US toll free: 1 866 997 0380
or: +44 (0)1223 437 907

By email

[email protected] or [email protected]

Please note that this is a major driver upgrade, so existing HyperBac Online customers will need to perform a reboot to complete the upgrade. All products using HyperBac technology on your computer must be updated to use the new engine. Other products using HyperBac technology include SQL HyperBac and SQL Virtual Restore.

See release notes for HyperBac products version 4.x and earlier.
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