Default tab "Commit Changes" or "Get Latest"?

Maybe just for discussion, but would it not be better to have "Get Latest" as the default first tab in SQL Source Control?

I would expect that developers would probably want to get latest version before committing changes, to ensure their changes are compatible with any other changes done in the meantime.

Just a suggestion and perhaps you have better reasons for Commit Changes being the default tab.


  • I think this seems to be an observation about SQL Source control- right (not SQL Compare)?

    But, I think you are right- updating should always be done first. I'll have a chat with the SSC team...
  • I managed to get some time from our head of UX who explained that the positioning logic was designed with respect to the left-hand panel of SSMS, i.e. the database browser. The logic being that a commit should be adjacent to this panel since it was a local action, whereas an update was more of a remote action. So there's no implication of importance but only physical location. He also said we may review the way source control looks and feels so we are keen on your feedback.
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