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Hello, I am evaluating the Pro version of SQL Prompt 4, and I have a question about Format Styles. In the Tabs & wrapping section, I see the "Number of spaces equivalent to a tab stop" option, which is set to "4". I also have the new line option enabled with indentation in the "Schema statements" section. When formatting a statement, four literal spaces are inserted where indentation occurs. I do not see an option anywhere to insert a tab rather than the four spaces. Am I missing something?



  • Thanks for your query. We already have a feature request for this, under reference SP-1329, so hopefully you'll have the ability to use tabs in a future version.
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  • Thank you for the feedback, James. Is there a place where I can check up on feature requests like SP-1329?
  • Unfortunately there isn't any public view of this information right now.

    You can always contact our support team if you want to enquire as to the progress of an issue; and we can let you know the current state. In addition, most products will have a "Latest cumulative patch" post that is updated with those references as and when they are fixed in a new patch release.
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  • Thanks, James, I'll keep an eye on the release notes as new versions are released.

    Our group is very much in need of the formatting functionality, While all the other options work perfectly for our needs, unfortunately the lack of a tab vs. space option is a dealbreaker.
  • Hi

    Is there any update on this issue?
    I'm also evaluating SQL Prompt for our company and this option would also be a dealbreaker for us.


  • No update as yet I'm afraid, however I'll update the job with your comments so the dev team are aware.

    I'd also encourage people wanting this feature to vote on it here as this is one of the ways that popularity of various bugs and features is gauged.
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