Line-level profiling not working with MEF

I'm trying to profile a WPF 4.0 application with the new ANTS Performance Profiler 6. Method-level profiling works fine but line-level profiling crashes my application. With ANTS Performance Profiler 5 line-level profiling for the same application works perfectly.

I'm using the MEF AssemblyCatalog to load some assemblies in a specified folder at runtime with lazy initialization. The first time I access the lazy loaded object in code the application crashes with the following error: Operation could destabilize the runtime. (only when using line-level profiling)

Any ideas why this does not work anymore?

Thanks in advance,


  • Best thing- obtain a mini-dump and we will analyze it (as long as you have captured the second-chance exception. Please let us know by mailing [email protected]

    There are a few ways to do this but we have an effective way with minimal configuration needed:

    You can download a small debugger from us if you don't have Windows debugging tools:

    Extract all files to a directory,


    Cscript adplus.vbs -crash -pn <name of process>

    If more than one process exists by the same name, you can use -P <pid> instead of -pn (work out which process number to debug using Windows Task Manager)

    This then dumps files to disk on a crash. If the files are very large, I can set up an FTP account so you can upload it to us.
    Or you can often see the exception by loading the dump file in windbg.exe and running "!anaylyze - v")
  • Thanks for your help. The memory dump showed, that not mef was the reason, but some telerik components, that I was using within the component loaded by mef.
    I replaced version 2010.2 714 of the WPF Rad Controls from July with the newer version 2010.2 812 from August. Now everything is working fine. For some reason the profiler could not work with the older telerik dlls.
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