Synchronize AND save script file using command line

david.duffettdavid.duffett Posts: 30
edited December 2, 2014 10:44AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I almost have continuous integration setup with TeamCity but have come up with another hitch:

I want to apply the changes to our test database from subversion (using the "/synchronize" switch), AND save the resulting script file as artifacts of the build for future reference (using the "/scriptFile" switch).

When I use both of these switches, SQLCompare tries to write to the script file twice, one for the /scriptFile switch and one for the /synchronize, and outputs an error:

Registering data sources
Creating mappings
Applying project settings
Creating SQL
Creating SQL
Error: Unable to write migration script to file '...' because the file already exists.

Is this a bug? Is there a way for me to both synchronize and save a script file without having to run the command line twice?


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