Compare Aborts during post processing actions, unexpected to

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I am running a compare project between a scripts folder and a snapshot of a customer database. While Compare is "Registering Data Sources", the project aborts with the fallowing information.

unexpected token: ["CREATE",<666>,Line=37,col=7][char=1278]

I use compare on a regular basis, always with the same scripts folder compared to a snapshot. I have never seen this error before. I have searched the scripts folder for the text returned and get no results.
not sure where to even begin at this point. :?:


  • After 4 hours of running Compare against different versions from our vault, to find where the "unexpected token" was coming from. I discovered one of our SQL developers had added a common table expression to a view. He did not realize that he added the table expression outside of the create statement. It was between the comments at the top and the actual create statement.

    So syntax error that was not caught when he was testing the view was the culprit of the unexpected token. :lol:
  • Glad to hear you found the problem!
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  • sorry , i have the same problem:

    unexpected token: ["[Configuracion]",<736>, line=1,col=44][char=28 ]

    i wanna found the error , this numbers can help me?

    perhaps 735 means 736 procedure or something pleease help

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