Can not see source code pane (winforms profiling)

I just installed a trial package, so this is an unlicensed trial question.

At first, I could see the source code panel. Then I rebuilt all my source. Now, none of the methods in the profile will show any source. It is as if the source code panel was turned off, and it refuses to show.

I checked my start up projects bin\debug folder and all the pdb files are there and perfectly match the dll files for time of build.

When I try to use the View->Show source view, it is neither bolded nor do I get any response whatsoever. I really want to see the break down in the methods.

This software shows real promise to focus me to exactly where my performance issues are and I'm excited to get use out of it, and try to get a purchase approved.

But I'd really like to see the source again at it was showing earlier this day.


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