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Log Shipping restore to a specific location

smemflynnsmemflynn Posts: 2
edited August 12, 2010 11:28AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

I am trying to set up log shipping between 2 servers, but the initial job keeps on failing because it's trying to restore the database to the C drive (where there isn't sufficient room) when my database data folders are on the D drive. I have the default SQL data and log file locations set to the correct place in SQL 2005 Management Studio.

The machine I'm shipping from has SQL Backup 5, and the one I'm sending to has SQL Backup 6. The database locations are different on each machine.. do they need to be the same and is that why redgate is defaulting..? Thanks


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    I've opened a support call for this and replied to you directly - let me know how you get with the suggested workaround and I'll update here in case it is helpful for other users encountering the same issue.
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